Finding Structure in Reddit With Text Mining and Dimensionality Reduction

Text Mining and Clustering on reddit Posts

Topic Modeling and Dimensionality Reduction of Social Media Posts

Topic Modeling on reddit posts

AMI Sponsored Research

Florida Poly Advanced Mobility Institute (AMI) funded research

ICMLA 2019 Conference

Poster presentation at the 18th IEEE International Conference on Machine learning and Applications

Unsupervised Learning on the Health and Retirement Study using Geometric Data Analysis

Clustering and MCA on the US HRS dataset

Bio Big Data Research Workshops

Data Wrangling and Electronic Health Records Analysis

Music Data Mining with Spotify API

(with Jayden Carr, Sandy Benito and Acxel Vega)

Text Mining of RateMyProfessors Reviews

(with Maudeline Deus, Kevin Osorio, Sierra Hawthorne, Eliana Espinosa and Celeste Pereira)

Gentrification Data Analysis

(with Sabrina Romero) Mining urban developement, real state, taxes, and Twitter data to explore the gentrification process in Miami

Student Success Prediction

(with Jose Muguira) Multinomial Logistic Regression model to predict student success based on performance on WeBWorK assignments