Gentrification Data Analysis

Poster presentation by S. Romero

Gentrification is a process involving the movement of a high-income group to working-class neighborhoods nearby amenities, and that usually results in the displacement of the original inhabitants. Changes like alteration of local services, increasing prices, and unaffordable housing are derived from the process, and the negative repercussions it might have in our community, grant great significance to its forecasting. Our goal for this project was to offer a comprehensive analysis of the main indicators of the gentrification process in Miami. By finding significant patterns of these indicators, we can help local governments acknowledge this reality, and thus, intervene in an effort to balance development and tradition. Sabrina Romero (then at MDC) worked on this project during the Summer of 2017. Sabrina is now working to complete a BS in Computer Science at MIT.

Rei Sanchez-Arias
Teaching Assistant Professor and
MADS Faculty Director