Music Data Mining with Spotify API

(with Jayden Carr, Sandy Benito and Acxel Vega)

Text Mining of RateMyProfessors Reviews

(with Maudeline Deus, Kevin Osorio, Sierra Hawthorne, Eliana Espinosa and Celeste Pereira)

Miami Metro Rail

Minimizing the number of visits to the vending machine for Miami Metrorail passes

Billboard Top 100 Songs

Billboard songs features from 1960 to 2015 with interactive plot

Gentrification Data Analysis

(with Sabrina Romero) Mining urban developement, real state, taxes, and Twitter data to explore the gentrification process in Miami

Student Success Prediction

(with Jose Muguira) Multinomial Logistic Regression model to predict student success based on performance on WeBWorK assignments

Concentration-Absorbance plot

(with Mallary Hoidal) Estimated concentration for undiluted sample from absorbance measurements