Topic Modeling and Dimensionality Reduction of Social Media Posts

Data Science Research Group 2019-2020

(with: Peter Akioyamen, Roberto Williams Batista, and Levi Nicklas)

The use of social media platforms has become common when searching for health-related information on the web. We utilize the unique characteristics of reddit, to demonstrate the potential for text mining as an smart content filtering and navigation framework, using a variety of online discussions surrounding health outcomes as case studies.Topic modeling and correspondence analysis are used as a text mining approach to group and discover hidden semantic structures within reddit posts.

Peter Akioyamen, from Western University in Canada, participated in this research as part of the Fulbright Canada Killam Fellowship Program.

This work was presented at the 4th International Conference on Compute and Data Analysis (ICCDA 2020) by graduate student Levi Nicklas.

Rei Sanchez-Arias
Teaching Assistant Professor and
MADS Faculty Director